Fire Risk Assessment

If someone is injured in a fire in your premises, just ask yourself, “Where would that leave me?” In these litigious days, it is not worth leaving yourself exposed to blame or liability.

The first step to reducing fire hazards to a reasonable level is a Fire Risk Assessment.

(i) Management of fire safety in your premises;

(ii) Sources of ignition and the potential for fire spread;

(iii) The fire precautions in your premises;

(iv) Maintenance of fire precautions in your premises;

(v) Additionally, goodwill observations that may arise in respect of property protection: issues where the property can be better protected from fire, whilst there is no significant risk to persons in the premises.

To achieve compliance with the Regulatory Reform, (Fire Safety Order) 2005, your Fire Risk Assessment will include a Fire Safety Audit and an Action Plan. Where necessary an Emergency Plan will be provided. For residential blocks an appropriate letter to tenants regarding fire safety; and a suitable worded Fire Action Notice; will be provided if required. We will even throw in a log book, to record checks and tests of the fire precautions, should you need one.

If you do not have one, we will also include assistance with preparing a Fire Safety Policy.

Bill completed 30 years in the Fire Service in December 2000. For the last 13 years of his service, Bill was a Fire Safety Officer. Working in the private sector since leaving the Fire Service, Bill has carried out over 3500 Fire Risk Assessments that include all types of buildings and occupancies.


Fire Risk Assessment, Management & Training