Yes – Every non-domestic premises is required to have in place a Fire Risk Assessment.  If more than four persons are at work, or if the premises is licensed or registered for the use to which it is to be put, then the Fire Risk Assessment must be written down.

There is a duty of care on the employer, the occupier or owner as the responsible person to appoint a competent person to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment of the premises.

What if I have no-one suitable or available within my business – or I just don’t have the time to dial with this?

The new law recognises the fact many small and medium sized businesses do not have the resources in time or money to have an employee committed to this work and therefore allows for the use of professional, external assistance to complete the Fire Risk Assessment.

Will I be fully covered under the new law if I have a Fire Risk Assessment done?

Yes – we will supply a comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment, which you will be able to use to demonstrate that you comply.

How much will it cost?

The fee has to be assessed in respect of the size and complexity of the building.  We feel that our fees are competitive and reasonable, and we will be pleased to supply a quote.


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